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Vani Archaeological Museum

Building works completed for Archaeological Museum Vani, Georgia

The building works of both building parts have now been completed and the re-opening of the museum is scheduled for July 2020.


The Vani Archaeological Museum-Reserve was initially opened to the public in 1985. Some of the exhibits of the Bronze Age are of highest national and cultural value. A contemporary conservational treatment and presentation of the exhibits required a conversion and extension of the existing building.

The objective was to make the exhibitions more experienceable to the visitors and to link the museum to the valuable archaeological surroundings. The concept designed improves the entrance area, the visitor circulation and the relation to the surrounding area. The extension offers additional space for extra exhibition areas, a cafeteria and an auditorium. A three-storey high new building extends the existing museum. The angled volume was placed at south-east end of the existing building. A glazed gap connects the two massive elements.

The cladding for both parts is designed to be out of glassfibre reinforced concrete sheets with monolithic look and in different surface finishes. The front façade of the existing museum is covered in swiveled anodized aluminum ribbons of bronze colour in front of an inner glass façade. The bronze shimmer refers to the exhibits inside the museum.


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