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Digital Innovation

Further Education: Industrial Revolution

The College for the Future report highlights the Technological revolution we are currently experiencing. Advances in information and communications technologies (ICTs), artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and robotics are profoundly changing the way people work, learn, communicate and live.


Digi Lab
Focusing on a full spectrum of skills from entry level to level 4 and above they offer upskilling space targeting adults seeking to ‘upskill’ or ‘newskill’ in the use of digital technologies. They include training in fundamental office productivity software spreadsheets, word processing, databases, desktop publishing, email and internet access. The facilities provide developer training for software design and engineering as well as the i-Code College designed to teach from basic software development using software tools through to technical code development and design and web design.

Ideas Lab
Ideas Lab host newly developing areas such as design in the i-Design studio which supports 3D digital modelling using the latest CAD software and rapid prototyping and light fabrication by offering maker space in the i-Make studio. Creative design and product development is blended with multidisciplinary skills ranging from engineering to artistry to develop class leading products.



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