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Westmoreland Village, Douglas

Planning Committee Approval for Westmoreland Village, Douglas

The Manx Development Corporation (MDC) is pleased to announce that its planning application for ‘Westmoreland Village’, situated on Westmoreland Road, Douglas, was approved by today’s planning committee.


This is a very positive step toward the redevelopment of this area of the city. MDC commends the planning committee for embracing this urban, contemporary scheme and the innovative approach that it represents, and would like to thank the planning authority and consultees for their guidance and hard work on the scheme. The design incorporates high-quality place making, an excellent level of sustainability, enriched community provision and enhanced connectivity. It is hoped that the scheme will create a ripple effect throughout the city that improves the quality of our built environment and infrastructure.

The proposed scheme will provide a mixture of residential dwellings, affordable housing, high quality public spaces and places to work – complementing the existing educational, health and recreational facilities already in the area. The development is based on the “20-minute neighbourhood”, a concept being championed by the Town and Country Planning Association which promotes benefits including boosting local economies, improving people’s health & wellbeing, increasing social connections in communities, and tackling climate change.

MDC appreciates that this kind of development is not for everyone, but it is becoming increasingly popular internationally and represents something unique for the Island. There are many schemes being developed in other locations on the Island which offer a more traditional approach, but the specific location of Westmoreland Village, with its pre-existing amenities and proximity to Douglas city centre, makes it the perfect opportunity to create an environment where daily active travel is a real possibility.
Although MDC are delighted to have achieved this important milestone, we now have a number of key processes to navigate ahead of commencing construction on this exciting scheme.

Manx Development Corporation (MDC):
The Manx Development Corporation is an ‘arms-length’ commercial company, of which the Treasury Minister is the nominated shareholder. The MDC’s remit focuses on developing Government owned and unoccupied or previously developed sites, and supporting the transformation of urban and brownfield sites across the Island.


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